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Divine Mercy

Billboard campaign, can you help the great State of Ohio?

Can you help?  Help us to spread our Lords image across the great State of Ohio.

The first City to take the big step is the great city of Cincinnati. Starting May 1st they will be putting up 8 billboards with our Lords image. Our Lord made many promises with His Image that was painted under the direction of Saint Faustina.

Our Lords words to Saint Faustina: 

"Paint an image according to the pattern you see with the signature; Jesus, I trust in You... I promise that the soul that venerates this Sacred Image will not perish. I also promise victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I Myself, will defend it as My won glory "(Diary 47,48).

This Image will protect your home and cities from destruction

"When punishments for sins shall come upon the earth, and your native land shall be in extreme abasement, the only salvation will be hope in Divine Mercy. I shall preserve the cities and homes in which this picture shall be found; I shall protect likewise those persons who shall venerate and have confidence in My Mercy."

(Our Lords words to Saint Faustina not written down in her diary, but, was given to her spiritual director Father Sopocko./Recent Revelations on the Mercy of God Devotion including the Novena to the Mercy of God booklet, Copyright 1945 by the congregation of Marian Fathers Eden Hill, Stockbridge, Mass)


Cincinnati's Billboard

If you would like to be a part and donate, please give us a call or right us at:

Laity for Mercy, 2168 Ransom Oaks Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43228


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