Enthroning the Divine Mercy Image

"I shall preserve the cities and homes in which this picture shall be found"

Bring our Lord's graces and blessings to sick and dying and into your home with the Vilnius Image of the Divine Mercy Jesus and enthrone Him Lord of over Satan and the powers of darkness.

On Feb. 22nd, 1931 Jesus appeared to Sister Faustina and told her to paint an Image of Himself. This is the only Image painted as Jesus instructed. This Image was produced from a photo negative of the original given to Life Foundation by the Marian Fathers for printing.


 Our Lords words to Saint Faustina on His Image:

Paint an image according to the pattern you see with the signature: Jesus, I Trust in You... I promise that the soul that venerates this Sacred Image will not perish. I also promise victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I, Myself, will defend it as My own glory (Diary 47,48)... I am offering people a vessel to the fountain of mercy (Confession). That vessel is the Image with the signature, Jesus, I Trust in You."(Diary 327)

 Saint Faustina asked Our Lord, "What is the meaning of the two rays?"

Our Lord Speaks:

"The two rays denote Blood and Water. The pale ray stands for the Water which makes the soul righteous (Baptism). The red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of souls (Eucharist). These two rays issued forth from the depths of My tender mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by the lance on the Cross. Happy is the one who will dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of God shall not lay hold of him." (Diary 299)

Our Lord Speaks:

"By means of this Image I shall be granting many graces to souls; so let every soul have access to it." (Diary #570)

This image and the chaplet of mercy have been given great power against the prince of darkness at the hour of death!

Saint Faustina saw a man dying in the midst of terrible torment and struggle. A multitude of devils was waiting for the soul. While praying the chaplet for the soul Saint Faustina saw Jesus as He is depicted in the Image. The rays enveloped the sick man, and the powers of darkness fled in panic. (Refer to Diary #1565)

As Jesus comes to us through His holy priest by means of the sacraments (especially the Eucharist), this image is a reminder of the healing power and graces present in the sacraments.

The Image of Divine Mercy Jesus is more than a painting, it is meant to draw us toward Jesus and His merciful heart. It's also a reminder of the demands of our Lord's mercy, "Even the strongest faith is of no avail without works". (Diary 742)

"Today I saw the glory of God which flows from the image. Many souls are receiving graces, although they do not speak of it openly. Even though it has met up with all sorts of vicissitudes, God is receiving glory because of it and the efforts of Satan and of evil men are shattered and come to naught. In spite of Satan's anger The Divine Mercy will triumph over the whole world and will be worshiped by all souls." (Diary 1789)

This image will protect your home and cities from destruction

When punishments for sins shall come upon the earth, and your native land shall be in extreme abasement, the only salvation will be hope in Divine Mercy. I shall preserve the cities and homes in which this picture shall be found; I shall protect likewise those persons who shall venerate and have confidence in My Mercy.” (Our Lords words to Saint Faustina not written down in her diary, but, was given to her spiritual director Father Sopocko. /Recent Revelations on the Mercy of God Devotion including the Novena to the Mercy of God booklet, Copyright 1945 by the congregation of Marian Fathers Eden Hill, Stockbridge, Mass)

Prayer to the image during veneration

O Eternal Love, You command Your Sacred Image to be painted and reveal to us the inconceivable fount of mercy, You bless whoever approaches Your rays, and a soul all black will turn into snow. O sweet Jesus, it is here You established the throne of Your mercy to bring joy and hope to sinful man, from Your open heart, as from a pure fount, flows comfort to a repentant heart and soul. May praise and glory for this Image never cease to stream from man’s soul. May praise of God’s mercy pour from every heart, now, and at every hour and forever and ever.

O My God

(Diary #1)