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As Satan’s evil forces try to keep us confused and scared by using the media to strike fear into our homes, look to the Holy Family as The Model to live by and imitate.

Stop sinning and start following the Ten Commandments and amending your lives. Prepare your family for the upheaval that God is going to allow - social turbulence and economic collapse - in order to bring us to our knees and live for Him.

Prepare your soul by going to confession.  Pray the family rosary.  Read your Bible daily. Adore continually the most Blessed Sacrament.

The Warning-illumination of Conscience

Through God’s great mercy will come the warning or, as some visionaries call it, the Illumination of Conscience.  All mankind will go through this mini-judgment as a last chance to change their lives. All mankind will know that God exists and experience His love and mercy.

This will be, as Jesus called it in the Diary of Saint Faustina,”the sign from heaven”.

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Write:  Before I come as a just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy. Before the day of justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of this sort:

All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the hands and the feet of the Savior were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth for a period of time. This will take place shortly before the last day”. (Diary #83)

In this Illumination, all will see the sins they committed throughout their lives, how they have ignored their neighbor in need and how they have helped there neighbor in need. They will know if they were heading to Heaven, hell or purgatory.

 Souls will experience what it will be like to be in each place. Some will actually die of fright from experiencing hell fire as if they were actually there.  There will be millions who will convert to Jesus and change their lives, but yet not all.

The Promise Miracle by Our Mother

 A great miracle to strengthen us will follow shortly at many Marian apparition sites.  For, through the media and the devil’s evil forces, many will start to doubt that this judgment ever really happened.

This will be one of the greatest Miracles the world has ever seen and no one will be able to doubt God's existence and our Mother’s appearances. This sign will be permanent and indestructible.


The Antichrist, the father of lies, the one who confuses our soul will appear on the horizon as our savior to bring us a false peace by promising to take care of all material needs and to bring hope to mankind and the world.  He will promise to restore the world economy, to take care of all our wants and desires. He will bring much confusion to us with these false promises. Many will chase these distorted dreams because of the desires of the flesh.


If mankind still refuses to live for God; a great chastisement - greater than the flood - will engulf mankind. The good and bad alike will not be spared from suffering. Eventually, the earth and mankind will be restored.  The faithful will experience the renewal of the earth.

Triumph of Mary’s Heart and the Era of Peace

Finally, the era of peace will follow.  Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph and the church and mankind will be strengthened in love and charity for one another.  Jesus will be worshipped by all.

Holy Family Image

While we are going through this time of trial, consecrate yourself to the Holy Family. Have this image of the Holy Family blessed by a priest.  Pray daily this consecration prayer for protection. Never lose hope - these times you are living in are the greatest times since the coming of Jesus in the flesh. Graces and miracles are going to be poured out to all who want to receive them. Stop living for material goods, very soon you may not have them any longer. Live for the Man-God, who is Jesus the Eucharistic King.  He will take care of your needs. Not in the way you desire, but in the way that is needed.  Love your neighbor and Love God and stop all the worrying; worry comes from Satan.

Get ready, God is going to correct our lives.

God bless, 

The friend of Divine Mercy

Consecration and Protection Prayer to the Holy Family

We the faithless sinners renew and consecrate ourselves this day to the Holy Family throughout our baptismal promises. We renounce Satan and all his evil works. We renounce sin and all its evil pleasures; we give ourselves entirely to Jesus Christ the incarnate Son of God. We promise to carry our crosses after Him all the days of our lives and to live completely for Him. In the presence of the whole heavenly court, we consecrate to You our minds our bodies and our souls as well as our goods, both interior and exterior, and all of our good actions - past present and future - leaving You the full right of exposing these as You wish throughout time and eternity. Amen.

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