Only the Immaculate Heart of Mary can save our country now - Billboard Campaign!

Please consider helping to save your country through our Mothers Immaculate Heart from destruction with billboards. Billboard size: 10.6' x 22.9 '

July 1917 revelations: Our Lady said,

Jesus wishes to make use of you to make me known and loved. He wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. I promise salvation to those who embrace it, and these souls will be loved by God, like flowers placed by me to adorn His throne”.

The world and the Church is a mess because they have ignored our Lords invitation to Love His Mothers Immaculate Heart!

Jesus respects our freedom. So does Mary. God has given all of us free-will which both of them humbly submit to.

Imagine that! We have Jesus and Mary at a disadvantage. God has given each of us freedom, and neither Jesus nor Mary will override this gift of God! That is why so much of our salvation depends on us! He, who created us without our consent, will not save us without our consent.
Satan, on the contrary, uses force, violence and lies.

City of God, page 370

Revelations given to Mary of Agreda: Our Lady said,

I wish you to understand another secret hidden from the world: namely, that one of the most vile and horrible sins before the Lord is the little esteem which the just and the friends of the church are held and especially the little veneration shown toward me, who is chosen for his mother and I am the cause of the happiness of all men”.


Lamar outdoor advertising company/Across America

Here is the pricing from Lamar on Billboards/Poster Boards

Prices can change from city to city:

1-4 Billboards: $500 each per 4 weeks/ $100 per each production

5-9 Billboards: $450 each per 4 weeks/ $100 per each production

10+Billboards: $350 each per 4 weeks/ $100 per each production

Depending on city and state, pricing can vary.

Help Fund the Campaign Today

Laity for Mercy is sustained by its gift shop and donations.
Do note that because Laity for Mercy is not a charity, donations are not tax deductible.



For mail-in donations make checks payable to "Laity for Mercy" and send to

 168 Rosewood Loop SE

Commercial Point, Ohio, 43116


You can also contact Rachel Koening directly from Lamar.

The artwork and design is all ready on file.

Rachel Koenig  | LAMAR ADVERTISING  | Account Executive

770 Harrison Drive Columbus, OH 43204 d: 614.961.4959 m:  614.432.2320

If you know of any  backers who cherish and love our Mother and would like to help, please contact them.


You can contact me to learn more

Tim McAndrew