Sacred Heart Billboard Campaign Locations

Locations of our 2024 Sacred Heart Billboards


3101 Morse SS 375Ft E/O Westerville

Norton Rd S/O

King Av NS 75Ft E/O

816 West Broad NS 50ft W/O Souder

2929 Old Dublin WS

3767 Livingston SS 205Ft

7113 E Main S/S 75Ft

1169 Parsons WS 100Ft

2589 SR161 SS 500Ft E/O Cleveland

3835 Indianola WS 150Ft

5087 East Main SS 50Ft W/O Fountain Lane F/E #

4570 South High-23 South

1170 Weber NS 50Ft W/O

2640 North High ES 150ft N/O Duncan

4823 Sawmill WS 565Ft N/O Bethel F/S

525 Georgesville WS 20ft S/O Sullivant

Olentangy and 315